A commitment to reliability with minimal investment

JFNet is a leading provider of hosting services
in the particular place where we are located.

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada

A passion for storing data

Our comprehensive collection of data from weather data and camera footage through to backups of photo albums and scans of physical mail.

Domains and DNS

Proudly offering the best IPv6 only DNS hosting to our most forward thinking cilents

E-Mail Hosting

Making sure all your spam is waiting in your inbox for when you want to kick back

Web and App Hosting

If you’re reading this then you know we’re doing a better job than we could


It does the stuff with the repositories of the things you like knowing you can undo stuff to


We have an intense passion for lights being green, blue or light grey.

Identity and Access

Identify yourself without a password and have access to everything

Low effort, high reward

Our offerings focus on providing the highest possible reward for the least effort possible. Peek at our cabling standards to see where the dopamine is.

High Efficiency DC

  • A single power feed.
  • A single internet connection.
  • A single core switch.
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

High Security Storage

  • Keyed locks and cameras.
  • Tapes can’t be lost as they stay on site.
  • Coated surfaces to track human touch.

“It’s truly amazing what one guy can do at JFNet.”

– James Forman

One guy at JFNet